Energy House

“Energy Houses” are constructed using  wall panels are designed to provide an aesthetic effect with high energy efficiency standards. The final aspect of “Energy Wall System” is not any different from the conventional, since the final surface finish is done with three coats of plaster. The shape and size of the panels provide architectural flexibility, as well as easy and quick placement. The “Energy Wall System” can be placed both in buildings with metal frames as well as buildings made of reinforced concrete pr mixed. The main materials which form this kind of “Energy Wall System”, are expanded polystyrene and galvanized steel mesh. Further reference to the reinforced system is presented in the technical description.

The “Energy Wall System” meets all the necessary dynamic and static requirements of the current earthquake regulations. As mentioned above, the wall system consist of two main components (see figure 4):
-Expanded polystyrene EPS is the core of the “Energy Wall System”. Introduced in the form of plates with a corrugated surface on both sides. It is lightweight and insulating material. Expanded polystyrene is non-toxic, non-hazardous,, self-extinguishing and chemically inert.
– Galvanized steel mesh 50mm x 50mm with 3mm diameter wire placed in the two wavy surfaces of polystyrene. The grid does not rust and becomes a high quality material when three other constituents are added to is as coatings.
The problem with existing housing in Cyprus:
Based on statistics in our country, dwellings consume a very large percentage of total final energy demand. Only for the heating / cooling of households energy is spent at a rate ranging from 55-65% of the total energy demanded by households. In Cyprus, the requirements for thermal insulation of the building envelope are set out in the Ordinance on the Regulation of Energy Efficiency of Buildings, issued by the Minister of Commerce and Industry pursuant to article 15 (1) of the Energy Efficiency Regulation of Buildings Laws of 2006 And 2009. Due to the short period of existence of the aforementioned laws in Cyprus, the energy performance of most of the houses is bad, and even the new houses, which are clearly more energy-built, do not have that much efficient thermal conductivity coefficients to achieve significant energy savings. As a result of the above, there is a continuous increase in energy demand, the burden of the environment, the mitigation of the country’s energy deficit and, consequently, the financial burden on citizens and the national economy as a whole.
M. Michael Metals L.T.D is present in the development and tries with its products to help save energy and indirectly to protect the environment.


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